The terms of the Lifetime Warranty are as follows:
Every Bodylastics System Comes With A Lifetime Warranty

Replacements in the First 90 days:
US, CA, UK or EU shipping addresses: FREE of charge, we pay for the item and the shipping.

All other countries: Market price for shipping.

Replacements After 90 days:
US, UK or EU shipping addresses: We pay for the Item, You pay for the shipping @$£€5.95 per item
CA: CAD 8.95 per item

All other countries: Market price for shipping
*Free Replacement Not Applicable For Products Used In Commercial Settings

** The ULTRA ANCHOR and CURL BAR are not covered under the $5.95 warranty replacement. They are only covered for the 90 day warranty period.

If you have questions regarding a warranty issue:
Email us:
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